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Canine nutrition can feel overwhelming.

There's a ton of information out there - reading, researching, understanding, and trying to apply it all to your dog can be a difficult barrier to break through. In a consultation, I'll make sure you and your dog are set up for success to begin preparing healthy, nutritious, and real food.

How I Can Help

My dog is healthy!

Your dog or puppy is healthy, but you want to learn how to elevate what you feed them, and you want to make sure you are feeding them a complete and balanced diet.

My dog needs help!

Your dog or puppy has health concerns and you want to address them through Food Therapy.

What to Expect

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1:1 Coaching Session

Chat directly with Brittany in the comfort of your home via Zoom video call. At the end of the call, you'll be empowered to confidently feed your dog a home prepared, nutritious and balanced diet.

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Nutritional Guidance

Prior to meeting, Brittany will review an in depth background information form and provide advice and recommendations utilizing TCVM to suit your dogs specific dietary needs.

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Personalized Recipes

Leave with custom tailored recipes formulated based on your dog's needs, traits, and health concerns. Additional recipes can be added if desired/as needed.

Book a Consultation

If this is your first time booking a consultation, you must first complete a full consultation before being able to book Follow Up Consultations.

All consultation services will receive a detailed form in email to fill out prior to the Zoom call.

Full Consultations - $50

(For new or existing clients)

  • 30 minute Zoom Call
  • 30 minute follow up call
  • 1 full recipe or and food recommendations based on your dog's diet & TCVM profile
  • Unlimited follow up e-mails*

Follow Up Consultations - $35

(For existing clients only)

  • 30 minute Zoom Call
  • Recipe adjustments and food recommendations based on your dog's diet & TCVM profile
  • Unlimited follow up e-mails*

*within reason - very long term ongoing issues with high complexity may require additional consultations

Just need a recipe?

I also provide tailor made and meticulously balanced recipes as well that fit your dogs traits.

Individual Recipe - $20

  • Custom made with your protein of choice
  • Based on your dogs age, weight, sex, activity level and neuter status - does not include TCVM guidance.
  • Follow up questions require a Full Consultation.