A photo of Brittany Ippolito.

About Brittany Ippolito

I started studying canine nutrition when I got my first dog, Zeus.

I quickly learned if I wanted him to be feeling his best then he needed to be eating real food.I utilize Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine FoodTherapy (TCVM) to tailor the diet to fit your dog's specific needs, traits, and health concerns.

I've spent the last 2 years spending every minute immersed in learning more about TCVM. Earlier this year I earned my Certificate in Canine Nutrition through the Companion Animal Sciences Institute.

TCVM views and uses food as medicine. Knowing the effects foods can have on someone is a powerful tool when it comes to healing the body through nutrition.

I know canine nutrition can feel overwhelming with the amount of information out there. Whether your dog is currently eating store bought food or homemade food, I'm here to help you sort through all of it so you can learn how to feed your dog a fulfilling diet with confidence.